Getting involved

Trafford Rape Crisis runs a helpline and email service and we are still developing. There are a number of ways you might help us.  You can:

  • Become a volunteer and join us at TRC, working on the helpline, and in other areas of our work.
  • Make a donation to Trafford Rape Crisis through MyDonate or raise money for us for free just by shopping online with Give As You Live.
  • Organise a fundraiser or event for TRC to raise money and awareness about our services.

If you would like to get involved and/or have any ideas about how you can support us, please contact us at for more information. Thank you!

Become a volunteer

If you would like to become a volunteer at Trafford Rape Crisis then please get in touch.  We have lots of opportunities for volunteers to get involved including:

  • Volunteering on our helpline and/or email support service
  • Fundraising and event organising
  • Campaigning, press and media
  • Publicity and supporters’ newsletters
  • Funding and bid writing
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Administrative support, IT, human resources
  • Garden maintenance

Our training is delivered by highly experienced trainers in rape crisis work.  We ask for a commitment to work on the helpline and/or email service after your training. To give you an idea of what we cover, here’s the outline of our last training programme, although we’re always working to improve our training programme so there may be some changes for the next training.  We usually train on Saturdays.

  • Intro session (6 hours)
    Welcome, intro to TRC and Rape Crisis philosophy
    Feminist approaches to sexual violence
    The psychological tools of control within sexual violence
  • Session 2 (6 hours)
    Relating  across diversity – Power, Hierarchy, Identity
    Anti-oppressive working, Race/sexuality/age/class/disability.
    Helpline skills practice
  • Session 3  (6 hours)
    Specific contexts of sexual violence: DID, Ritual Abuse, Self Harm
    Helpline skills practice
  •  Session 4 (6 hours)
    Sexual abuse of girls, work with adult survivors of childhood abuse. Safeguarding.
    Coping Strategies for service users.
    Helpline skills practice
  •  Session 5 (6 hours)
    Organisational matters: Collective Working, national context, RCEW.
    Quality assurance in rape crisis work, Monitoring and evaluating our work.
    Coping skills for volunteers.
    Email service skills practice

After each training programme there will be a review with each volunteer and an induction session before women begin work on the line.  This includes shadowing experienced volunteers on the helpline.

If you are able to commit to us, then please email us at for more information.


Make a donation

If you can make a donation, no matter how large or small, please use this button to go to our secure donation service:


You can also raise awareness by distributing our leaflets in the community and sharing our posts on social media. To keep up to date with our projects, campaigns and outreach work follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.