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Declaring the Activism of Black Feminist Theory Convention

TRC launches their Black and Minority Ethnic Women's Service

On 9th March 2012, we welcomed everyone in the community to attend a day about the hardship that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women face and how to cope - and launched our new services for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women. 

It was an amazing and inspirational day.
THANK YOU to everyone who came, spoke, participated, helped behind the scenes, helped on the day, made donations and offered their support. 

Read Asian Lite's report of the event, written by Nadia Aliwas (HR Manager /Events Cordinator, Asian Lite Media Ltd, tel: 0161 713 2906 /07838407663,

 The speakers included

Suryia Nayak 
Sara Ahmed
Gargi Bhattacharyya
Kimberle Crenshaw
Carole Boyce Davies  
Hannana Siddiqui, Southhall Black Sisters 
Sunera Thobani

The daily reality of living with the effects of racism and sexism mixed up with other pressures such as poverty, disability and homophobia is exhausting. The ways in which Black women are physically, emotionally and sexually violated and survive these experiences need to be understood in relation to racism and those other weights of oppression that press us down. In other words Black women survivors of this racist patriarchy have specific issues and needs which require particular strategies, knowledge and forms of action. This convention has grown out of Black women (in Manchester and beyond) voicing their desire/need for mutual nourishment, inspiration and exchange of intelligence and support 

This convention examined the ‘links between Black feminism as a social justice project and black feminist thought as its intellectual center’ (Hill Collins 2000 p59).  In a direct challenge to the binary of activism or theory, experience or scholarship the conference explores the intersectionality of Black feminist theory and activism as lived experience.

© Marcella Muhammad, Women at the Market Place. The renowned artist Marcella Muhammad has generously given TRC permission to use her incredible image in connection with our BAME Service provision. 

Key Objectives:

A detailed examination of the relationship between Black feminist theory, Black feminist activism and the lived experience of Black women survivors.
A detailed examination of Black feminist ‘theory as liberatory practice’ (Hooks 1994 p59) picking up the potential of Black feminist scholarship to confront the regulation and violation of women.
The convention seeks to create debate, share standpoints in order to question what counts as theory and who counts as theorist.

Comments from delegates:
"Completely inspiring"
"Life-changing conference"
"Huge shout-out to TRC for the vision and inspiration of the BME conference"
"Congratulations to TRC - the programme looks amazing"

Missed out?  Order the DVD

A DVD of the conference presentations is in production and is available
for order by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

"I think that it is really important that you and your colleagues have decided to organize this conference.  I applaud you on your initiative." 

(Patricia Hill Collins, author of 'Black Feminist Thought')

"I will be there in spirit, however, since I am sure you will generate some powerful energy at the meeting!" 

(Chandra Talpade Mohanty, Indian-American theorist)

"It is of course timely, essential and inspired."  

(Kimberle Crenshaw, Law Professor) 


Due to the high level of interest in the keynote speakers, and the content of their presentations,
the conference was filmed for release as a DVD which is available for purchase whether or not you were able to attend the conference. 

Please note if you pre-ordered the DVD alongside your conference registration, you do NOT need to complete this form.  Your DVD order has been registered and your DVD will be sent as soon as production is complete. 
I would like to order the DVD  at a cost of £30.  

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